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Looking to incentivize your employees or enhance stakeholder engagement? Well, we have the perfect match for you. Reward your stakeholders through our instant mobile rewards platform and you can be sure to reach new heights.

Who are we?

Founded in 2013, TuYu is an exciting mobile rewards platform that allows businesses to reward their stakeholders in a secure and convenient manner by using their mobile phones.

Creating and sustaining stakeholder engagement is a necessity within any business operation, and what better measure to use other than an instant mobile rewards platform in order to do so.

Tuyu rewards is the perfect platform for bridging the gap between forecasted results and actual results. Jump onboard our rewards platform today and we will ensure that your actual results transform into your forecasted results.

All your business needs is some motivation.


What we do

TuYu offers solutions where companies can reward users directly to their smart- and feature phones at either the click of a button or through an automated integration, making rewarding a quick and simple process. Our solution offers companies a streamlined, innovative way to reward consumers and staff instantly, ensuring a quick turnaround time between qualifying for a reward and being rewarded appropriately. Rewards are redeemed in-store at 70 000+ till lanes, using your mobile phone.

Uses for our solutions

How would you like to make use of our rewards platform?

staff rewards

The TuYu mobile staff rewards and recognition solution is used to reward and incentivise staff instantly in the form of a rand based reward loaded directly to a mobile phone.

meal vouchers

The TuYu platform is used to replace existing employee meal vouchers and coupons. Companies only pay for redeemed meals and allows for increased control and alleviates logistical issues.



We issue product or retailer specific coupons and vouchers to consumers via SMS. This is normally tied to specific behavior or purchases.

promotions & payouts

The TuYu wallet is used as a generic payment wallet for promotions or competitions, enabling companies to seamlessly payout recipients nationally.

debt collection incentives

The TuYu platform can be used to pay out rewards based on milestones being reached in the collections process.

Quick and easy in-store redemption

We know that rewards need to be instant in order to pack a punch, so we’ve ensured that our platform is easy for both you and your recipient.

APP: QR Code

USSD: Wicode

Business benefits

Increased stakeholder engagement

Increased employee motivation

Improved production rates

Increased stakeholder goodwill

Rewards are distributed instantly 

Increased revenue

Measure loyalty through engagement

rewardee benefits

Instant redemption of rewards

Redeem rewards at 70 000 + till lanes across South Africa

Rewards are redeemable at various food, clothing, and leisure retailers 

Increased job satisfaction and motivation

Develop a goal-driven mindset and stimulate structure and focus 

Redeem your rewards

Follow the steps below to redeem your rewards.

receive a notifIcation

You will receive a notification that your TuYu wallet has been credited.


the app

Download our APP (iOS or Android) alternatively dial *120*7533# for our USSD wallet.

register your account

Register your account and check your balance.

visit any of our retailers

Visit any of our retailers listed below to redeem your rewards.

pay via


Select your products and tell the cashier you want to pay using wiCode.


our partners

Redeem your rewards at any of these stores.


We offer various solutions to suit your needs.

enterprise portal

The Enterprise Staff Rewards solution enables companies with a high staff compliment to reward their staff by simply providing TuYu with a list of their employees’ mobile numbers and the amounts to be rewarded. The employees’ mobile wallets are loaded by TuYu.


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