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The Freedom to Transact

By empowering people to transact freely, we can assist in building the economy. 

My-iMali is a Mobile Wallet Solution and Mobile Wallet Platform Provider that provides businesses the opportunity to sign up as a Virtual Enterprise with the capability of targeted funding by means of bulk fund distributions as well as targeted spending. 

With our wallet beneficiary capabilities as well as the ability to transact anywhere in the world, no monthly fees and the convenience of purchasing basic products and services within the app, to run a payroll has never been easier or cheaper.


Merchants are able to accept payments on any mobile device instead of paying high monthly POS rentals and acquiring fees. 


You can deposit funds, purchase, send or receive money, pay bills and buy VAS. Shop anywhere by linking the

My-iMali prepaid debit card to your wallet. 

Our Platform & Security

from tech you trust

"We’ve spent years developing one of the world’s most advanced and secure cloud infrastructures."

                                      - Google

The My-iMali platform which includes Cashless King is built on the Google Cloud Platform which

means we have Google's infrastructure, performance, scale, and reliability available to us.

Google ensures world-class data encryption by encrypting data prior to being written to disk.

An encryption key is self-encrypted with a set of master keys.

Keys and encryption policies are managed the same way,  in the same key-store, as for Google’s production services