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your transactional freedom starts here.

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Cashless king events

We are the people’s cashless solution for the eventing world. We specialise in NFC cashless payments and strive to create safer and faster payment solution.

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staff-pay wallet

Tired of being charged hefty bank charges when remunerating your staff? Well, remunerate your entire staff complement through Staff-Pay instantly and at a cost of only R1.25.

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personal wallet

Would you like to get activated and start transacting with your very own  personal My-iMali wallet?

about us

My-iMali is a mobile wallet solution, where we aim to provide the unbanked with a safe and secure way to transact within our formal economy. Each My-iMali wallet is accompanied with a My-iMali pre-paid debit MasterCard and can be used to transact worldwide as well as withdraw money from any ATM.

We issue our clients with My-iMali wallets within minutes and best of all, they only need an RSA ID or Non-RSA Passport to sign up and get activated - it's that simple.

About Us

wallet features


Deposit credits

Deposit credits into a My-iMali wallet at any ABSA ATM (subject to ATM fees) or by EFT from any Bank account at a cost of R1.25.


scan to pay

Purchase any products from our My-iMali merchants by scanning their unique QR code.


Send credits

Send credits to other My-iMali wallets instantly and for free.


add BeneFIciaries

Add other My-iMali wallets as beneficiaries and send bulk payments instantly and for free.


my cards

Link up to 4 My-iMali pre-paid debit MasterCards to your wallet.


Online Purchases

Shop on any online store with your My-iMali pre-paid debit MasterCard.


in-app services

Purchase in-app services such as airtime, data, electricity and much more.


transaction history

Keep a close eye on your wallet and card transactions by viewing your statements in-app.


Staff-Pay is a product of My-iMali, whereby we make use of the My-iMali mobile wallet in order to provide our Payroll clients with the ability to remunerate their entire staff complement instantly and at a cost of only R1.25.

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BeneFIts of My-iMali


No POS fees

Swipe your My-iMali MasterCard at any RSA retailer without paying any POS transaction fees.


No debit orders

Keeping your money safe and sound without allowing debit orders to eat away at your hard earned money.


No monthly costs

Reap the benefits of having no monthly costs when making use of a My-iMali wallet.


Send credits instantly

Send credits to other My-iMali wallets instantly and at no cost.


in-app services

Bring convenience to your life by purchasing in-app services such as airtime, data, electricity, lotto and much more.


add multiple cards

Link up to four pre-paid debit MasterCards to your My-iMali wallet.

Backed by our shareholders

We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of these incredible organisations. Their investments into our FinTech business has provided us with a foundation that has lead to exponential growth and thus galvanizing us into an exciting future, and allowing us to make a meaningful difference to the transactional lives of our customers.

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milton ntupanyama

Honestly, using My-iMali was my best decision as I do not need to carry cash anymore when going shopping. I am very grateful for this service.


Rob Preuss

Having the ability to load 4 cards onto my profile and have an account with no monthly costs is a huge win for me. Just want to say thanks for your great service.

Image by Clive Surreal

Oliver Zulu

I receive my salary within minutes when my boss pays me through the Staff-Pay service. My-iMali takes care of its customers and knows what the people need.

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