Distribute grants countrywide instantly and for only R1.25.

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Who are we?

My-iMali is a Mobile Wallet Solution which provides the unbanked with the opportunity to be included in the formal economy by having access to a My-iMali wallet, which comes along with its very own prepaid debit MasterCard.

Grant-Pay is a product of My-iMali, whereby we make use of the My-iMali mobile wallet in order to allow Grants to be distributed countrywide instantly and at a cost of only R1.25.

With Grant-Pay, there is no need to queue and waste unnecessary time when collecting your Grant, as we provide a service that provides Grant payees financial freedom and only benefits their day-to-day transactional lives.

benefits of grant-pay

Send credits to thousands of Grant-Payees instantly and for only R1.25 in bank charges

No need to queue for Grants anymore

Provide Grant payees with a mobile wallet and a pre-paid debit MasterCard

Apply to become a VE (Virtual Enterprise) and get rewarded when your Grant-Payees purchase VAS in-app

Include your Grant-Payees in the formal economy

sign up your Grant-Payees

Whether you are paying 1 Grant-Payee or 5000, we can get you loaded in just 6 simple steps.


Register for a Grant-Pay Wallet with My-iMali


Grant-Pay members are signed up

receive a wallet

Grant-Pay members receive a wallet and debit card

add benefIciaries

Add Grant-Pay members as beneficiaries

load your funds

EFT your funds into your Grant-Pay Wallet

pay benefIciaries

Pay all your Grant-Payees through a single transaction

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