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Who are we?

My-iMali is a Mobile Wallet Solution which provides the unbanked with the opportunity to be included in the formal economy by having access to a My-iMali wallet, which comes along with its very own prepaid debit MasterCard.

Staff-Pay is a product of My-iMali, whereby we make use of the My-iMali mobile wallet in order to provide our Payroll clients with the ability to remunerate their entire staff complement instantly and at a cost of only R1.25.

We see ourselves as an integral part of the Payroll industry as we facilitate payments between employers and employees.

Backed by our shareholders

We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of these incredible organisations. Their investments into our FinTech business has provided us with a foundation that has lead to exponential growth and thus galvanizing us into an exciting future, and allowing us to make a meaningful difference to the transactional lives of our customers.

benefits of staff-pay

Pay your entire staff complement for only R1,25 in banking costs

Reduce the risk of cash by transacting online

All payments are complete in just one click

Staff payments reflect immediately 

benefits for your staff

No monthly charges or debit orders

Shop anywhere in the world or online using your My-iMali pre-paid debit MasterCard

Buy value added services like airtime, data or electricity in-app

Send or receive credits for free and immediately in-app

Withdraw cash from any ATM

trusted by our partners

All funds deposited into a My-iMali wallet sit within an ABSA treasury account. When our customers transfer money from their wallet to their My-iMali MasterCard, the funds then sit within a Mercantile treasury account. Our banking partners form a core part of our business as they keep our customers' money safe and secure.

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Staff members are signed up

receive a wallet

Staff members receive a wallet and debit card

add staff

Add staff members as beneficiaries

load your funds

EFT your full payroll amount into your Staff-Pay Wallet

pay your staff

Process salaries and wages through a single transaction

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La Concorde


This is a service that all SMME’s should use to pay their staff without a doubt. My payroll costs reduced drastically from thousands per month to almost nothing. My team has never been happier since they now have access to the formal economy and can bank online.

Terrin Livingstone, General Manager

Cleanest Cleaning

& Garden Services

Staff-Pay allows our employees to receive their wages immediately. It gives us one platform to pay all of our staff, and best of all... it only costs us R1.25 in bank charges to pay the entire team.

Darren Calitz, General Manager

Wallet Guide

Having trouble navigating your way through the My Mali app? Have a read through our User Guide to answer any questions that you may have.

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