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Distribute credits for CSI/CSR initiatives instantly and for only R1.25.

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Who are we?

My-iMali is a Mobile Wallet Solution that provides the unbanked with the opportunity to be included in the formal economy by having access to a My-iMali wallet, which comes along with its very own prepaid debit MasterCard.

Social-Pay is a product of My-iMali, whereby we make use of the My-iMali mobile wallet in order to enable large organizations to distribute credits to underprivileged communities instantly and at a cost of only R1.25.

Social-Pay works alongside large organizations that invest in uplifting our poorer communities through certain CSI/CSR initiatives. Through Social-Pay, we can change the transactional lives of our communities and ensure that organizations have the transactional means in order to empower our communities and distribute credits to those people who really need it. 

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distributing vouchers

Another platform that can be used in order to support the transactional requirements of Social Development programs - introducing TuYu Rewards.

Through TuYu Rewards, vouchers can be sent across South Africa instantly to any smart/feature phone. Vouchers are redeemable at 70 000 + till lanes across South Africa, which include various retailers such as Pick n' Pay, Checkers, Dischem, Shoprite, Engen, and many more.

Let's get money into the hands of people who really need it and make a difference - some South Africans don't know where their next meal is coming from, but it certainly can come from TuYu.

sign up your Social-Payees

Whether you are paying 1 Social-Payee or 5000, we can get you loaded in just 6 simple steps.



Register for a Social-Pay Wallet with My-iMali



Social-Pay members are signed up

receive a wallet


Social-Pay members receive a wallet and debit card

add benefIciaries


Add Social-Pay members as beneficiaries

load your funds


EFT your funds into your Social-Pay Wallet

pay benefIciaries


Pay beneficiaries through a single transaction

benefits of social-pay


Uplifting troubled communities

Including poorer communities into the formal economy

Supporting the transactional requirements of CSI/CSR initiatives

Send credits to thousands of people instantly and at a cost of only R1.25

Apply to become a VE (Virtual Enterprise) and get rewarded when your Social-Pay customers purchase VAS in-app

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