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Download and Sign Up

Download the My-iMali App from Google Play Store or App Store or Sign Up on our website.

You can also register on USSD by dialing *120*29244#


KYC ‘Know Your Customer’ guidelines are there to prevent the

My-iMali Mobile Wallet from being used by criminal elements for money laundering activities. You can KYC in-app by uploading a photo of yourself and your SA ID or Passport. Proof of address is required for a full KYC limit.

Wallet Top Up

Deposit funds into your default My-iMali coupon via any ABSA ATM, ABSA branch or via EFT from any RSA bank account. Always use your unique wallet reference number as the beneficiary reference when topping up your wallet balance.

My Coupons

Coupons are pockets of money that enable users to purchase via the wallet by means of USSD, QR code with a unique 10-digit number associated to a coupon. A monetary value is capped in the coupon for added security. All fund deposits are made into the default coupon, iMali. Coupons can also be distributed to wallet users for controlled spend for grant institutions which ensures funds reach intended recipients and spent for the intended purpose. Spend lower than the coupon value will return change to the coupon.

Sending & Receiving Funds

Registered users can effortlessly send or receive funds immediately for free.

Adding and Paying Beneficiaries

Paying staff has never been easier. Beneficiaries can be paid individually or in bulk.

In-App Purchases

Redeeming of coupons is limited and locked to

pre-approved / registered merchants at no cost to you. Spend lower than the coupon value will return change to the iMali coupon.

Purchasing Prepaid Products

Buy Airtime, Data or Electricity in app or via USSD.


Payout to your Prepaid Debit Card which can be used to shop anywhere in the world or payout to any registered RSA bank account.

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