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Money Made Easy for employers and employees with the My-iMali e-Wallet App, which is affordable, easy to use, convenient and available anywhere at any time. The offering is targeted specifically to our market’s unique needs, trends and drivers with products and services that are equally unique.

Customers simply download an App enabling transfers to bank accounts, top-up or purchase pre-paid products and services paying a fraction of the cost of “normal” bank fees. They also receive a My-iMali Debit Card and can link up to 4 debit cards to the My-iMali Wallet (debit cards can be used anywhere in the world). Local use has a zero POS transaction fee.

My-iMali would like to grow the business by raising R24 million from the crowd for an equity share of 20%, valuing the company at R120 million - this is what is referred to as the Post-Money Valuation. The minimum raise amount for this campaign is R7.5 million.

PLEASE BROWSE THIS OPPORTUNITY by following these easy steps:

Step 1:  Click on the following link:
Step 2:  Click on login and register.
Step 3:  Click on the INVEST button.
Step 4:  Click on My-iMali  - view our video and presentation.
Step 5:  Click on the INVEST button and see where it takes you.
Step 6:  Click on the following link:…/2019-07-25-new-zar-x-and…/ and learn more about UPRISE         AFRICA.

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