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Event Organizers

WHY USE US? It's Simple...

Cashless Solution:​


  • Cashless King is a world first, as we provide event goers the ability to purchase through an offline basis (our event card) or through an online basis (our My-iMali App).

  • Our event cards are also lifelong cards and thus do not expire. With this in mind, customers can re-use their event cards at any future event where we are the cashless service provider. Customers can also leave their funds on their event card for the next event that they intend on going to. #eventcardforlife #reusable

  • Vendors love using our cashless service as we promote efficient and fast transaction's, reducing the time of their customer payment process. They also love the fact that once the event is done, they will be able to view their total funds immediately in the My-iMali App, from there they can transfer their funds from the My-iMali App back to their bank account, 3-4 working days after the event. Our Vendor payment platform is seamless and effective

  • From an events agency point of view, Cashless King promotes safety at events, provides a platform for quick transactions and creates an environment that is innovative and technologically advanced – the way of the future!

Ticketing Solution:


  • Besides our world first cashless solution, we also offer event organizers a world class ticketing solution.

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